The OAF is an opportunity for new playwrights to showcase their work. Each spring, six original one-act plays are selected from submissions and then performed. Prizes are awarded to top judges’ choice as well as the audience favorite. The One Act Festival can also serve as an introduction to theatre for those new to acting or directing.



April 17, 18, 24 & 25 at 7:30pm

April 19 & 26 at 3pm

2020 One Acts Selected!

The following plays will be presented as part of the 2020 Stage Door One Act Festival:

Alter Ego (Author: Tom Moran / Directed by David Schubert)

Bride-to-be arrives at the altar and avoids being boom-weaseled by reversing the tables and playing match maker by proxy.

Closing Doors (Author: John Minigan / Directed by Debbie Harris)

A fourth-grade teacher is called on the carpet by an administrator and friend for not following protocol during an active shooter drill, endangering the lives and feelings of others, and placing a strain on a friendship.

Fictionistas (Author: Mark Saunders / Directed by Amy Beach)

Two high school classmates meet-up accidentally many years later, and an old hidden spark might be ignited while a dream is imagined.

Riding Lessons (Author: Brett Hursey / Directed by Brandon Carr)

Troubled strangers meet and share their life-long secret imaginary friends, that ironically only the two can see.

The Next Ivan Sharansky (Author: Jim Geoghan / Directed by Stephen Brown)

Two middle aged actors meet for lunch each week to discuss industry gossip and lost roles. A witty conversation about the trials and celebrations of show biz.

Dinner Theater (Author: Alex Goldberg / Directed by Ray Manfredi)

A long running married couple mutually agree to non-monogamous terms to add some spark to their lives, but quickly determine the odds are not evenly stacked. The fourth wall is broken throughout this play which has two endings, alternating based on audience participation.