Stage Door Productions is your source for quality community and youth theatre performance and education in Fredericksburg, VA. We offer a wide range of theatre programming to include three to four main stage and two youth shows per season, educational youth theatre camps and classes, our annual One Act Festival competition, and more!

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Dear Supporting Patron:

It is with mixed feelings I write you today, filled with both sorrow and excitement at this moment. Please take a moment to read through my note and I sincerely hope it touches a chord with you on one level or another.

First the BAD NEWS – I want to bring up the bad news first, because I fear you may not read to the end, and this is far too important to be missed or ignored. As you know, Stage Door Productions has successfully operated as a non-profit since 1999 bringing quality youth and adult live theater and training to the community. This year, with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, we were forced to close our doors to live performances and provide only virtual performances for small donations. This means that for the last twelve months, and what we expect to be another six to twelve months into the future, we have survived using our reserves and savings.

Those reserves and savings we accumulated over the years have all but been exhausted. So today, I reach out to you with OPEN HANDS, asking for your immediate and significant support. Any amount you can donate to help us continue to pay rents during this period would be greatly appreciated.

Which brings me to the GOOD NEWS!!!

Just before COVID-19 stopped us from hosting live performances, we relocated our theater into our own (no longer shared) facilities. We took over the entire 4th Floor of 810 Caroline Street. Through a grant from Manfredi Insurance Group (Allstate Insurance) we have started to build a 200-seat tiered auditorium theater, with an extended 44-foot Main Stage as well as a Small Workshop Stage. The $25,000 grant has covered most of the costs associated with the build-out, including new rehearsal areas, green rooms, wardrobes, a larger stage, sound and lighting booth, and, most of all, multi-level (7) tiered seating so everyone can see the stage. However, the grant does not cover rents or other expenses like insurance, utilities, etc.

For years, we have tried to get our own space and build a live theater in the heart of Fredericksburg, that could serve not only Stage Door but also other theater groups. This facility will now permit us to offer performances from many theater and arts groups in the area while providing workshops for both children and adults, including an after-school program and an extension of our summer camps. But because of bad timing, we moved into the new location literally two weeks before the county forced all to close their doors to large groups.

Our theater group will remain an even bigger part of the community as we go forward in 2021 and the years that follow, but only if we can get past this temporary financial hurdle. I know many of you are also struggling, but hope in some way you might consider us, Stage Door, as part of your family, past and future, and dig deep to help us this month—and maybe even over the next few months.

In return, we are willing to provide you with some special recognition and other incentives (see the list to the right), depending on your commitment level.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to help in any way you possibly can.

Amy Beach – Artistic Director -- Stage Door Productions Foundation