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Dear Supporting Patron:

Hello again. Back in January I reached out to you, asking for your continued support as we worked through a challenging year of closed curtains and no live performances, due to COVID. I discussed then both the Bad News and the Good News, highlighting our ongoing plight and needs as well as our amazing plans for the community and theater in our area.

Today, I want to bring you up to date and of course ask for your continued support once more – as times are desperate, but we have a horizon that reflects sunshine is just around the corner – we need one last helpful hand to push us into the light at the end of this tunnel.

I hope you can help!?!

It is with mixed feelings I write you today, filled with both sorrow and excitement at this moment. Please take a moment to read through my note and I sincerely hope it touches a chord with you on one level or another.

First, the BAD NEWS – I want to bring up the bad news first, because I fear you may not read to the end, and this is far too important to be missed or ignored. As you know, Stage Door Productions has successfully operated as a Non-Profit since 1999 bringing quality youth and adult live theater and training to the community. Since COVID-based restrictions were placed in February 2020, we were forced to close our doors to Live Performances and provide only Virtual Performances for small donations. This means for the last eighteen months we have survived using our reserves and because of individuals like yourself who have found some way, large and small to donate to the cause.

Those reserves and savings we accumulated over the years have all but been exhausted. So today I reach out to you with OPEN HANDS, asking for your immediate and significant support. Any amount you can donate to help us continue to pay rents during this period would be greatly appreciated.

Which brings me to the GOOD NEWS!!!

As I mentioned in my prior address, just before COVID-19 stopped us from hosting live performances, we relocated to a 6,000 square foot facility on Caroline Street. Because of a $50,000 Grant (community building facilities only designation) from Manfredi Insurance Group (Allstate Insurance) we have COMPLETED the build of a 200-seat tiered auditorium theater, with an extended 44-foot Main Stage. Our next phase includes a smaller Workshop Stage and Dressing Rooms for up to 16 Actors, plus the finishing touches on two completed All Purpose Rehearsal and Community Meeting Rooms. After which, a new modern lighting and sound system will be installed.

The new facility is designed to be available for use by the ENTIRE THEATRICAL ARTS COMMMUNITY, not just Stage Door Productions. The intent of the Grant was to establish a shared space for all, and in that regard a ‘PARTNERSHIP’ of sorts has already been formed where the space is shared equally by both Stage Door Productions (SDP) and the Fredericksburg Theatre Ensemble (FTE). In fact, the facility has already coming back to life, having had two minor live performances in June and rolling out two new major live productions in both August with the ‘House of Yes’ - a FTE production, and in September, the Crucible - a SDP production. BUY YOUR TICKETS FOR BOTH NOW and enjoy the newest theater in town!!!

Back to the intent of my note…

The Manfredi-Allstate Grant only covers costs associated with the build-out.

The Grant does not cover rents or other expenses like insurance, utilities, cost of play rights and other fees, etc. Nor does it cover the cost involved with running our Youth Summer Camps, Acting Workshops, and other Educational Programs.

Our theater group will remain an even bigger part of the community as we go forward in 2021 and the years that follow, but only if we can get past this temporary financial hurdle. I know many of you are also struggling, but hope in some way you might consider us, Stage Door, as part of your family—past and future—and dig deep to help us this month, and maybe even over the next few months.

We expect the income from shows and performances to return in late September and be back up to the normal levels mid-2022. So today, I am asking for some temporary and fast support to get us through this Summer and Fall season.

In return, we are willing to provide you with some special recognition and other incentives as noted on the right side of this page, depending on your commitment level.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to help in any way you possibly can.

Amy Beach – Artistic Director – Stage Door Productions Foundation

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