Stage Door Youth is dedicated to developing life skills in children and teens through affordable theater experiences that educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of those on the stage and in the audience. Our goals include: providing affordable educational theater experiences; fostering teamwork, commitment, self-esteem, and creativity; inspiring an appreciation of the arts while developing leadership qualities and self confidence; and bringing cultural enrichment to children and teens throughout the community.

Story Time with Stage Door

This summer, Stage Door Productions will be offering Story Time with Stage Door for children. If you are interested in volunteering to read and video record a story for children, please email Stage Door at

If you have already volunteered to read, please pick a story from one of the websites below. These books and stories are all in the public domain. If you are aware of other children's stories in the public domain, please do not hesitate to let us know!

Grimm's Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers

Household Tales by the Grimm Brothers

Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny Gruelle

The Happy Prince, and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Tales of Laughter by Nora Archibald Smith and Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin

Tales of Wonder Every Child Should Know by Smith and Wiggin

You can also visit Storyberries for potential stories.