All Together Now!

Friday, November 12th 2021, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, November 13th 2021, 3:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, November 14th 2021, 3:00 p.m.

Enjoy a very special Broadway Musical Revue from shows such as "Waitress", "Annie", "Rent", and MANY, MANY MORE.

Cast List:

Pure Imagination (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) - George Gray, Thane Chaves

Matchmaker (Fiddler)- Talitha Muggeridge, Molly Lucas, Sofia Taylor

Middle of a Moment (Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach)- Ruth Crowley

Gimme, Gimme (Thoroughly Modern Millie) - Molly Lucas

We’re all in this together (HS Musical) - George Gray, Ruth Crowley, Talitha Muggeridge, Thane Chaves, Fox Cornnell, Alex Beach, Ethan Dunn

Tomorrow (Annie) - Sophia Taylor

The New World (Songs for a New World) - Paul B. and Collette Riddle

She Used to be Mine (Waitress) - Talitha Muggeridge

Seize the day (Disney’s Newsies) - Paul Beaulieu, George Gray, Alex Beach, Ensemble

Children will listen (Into the Woods) - Miriam Liss

Take a Chance of Me (Mamma Mia!) - Laura Echevarria, Collette Riddle, Sofia Taylor

Let it Go (Frozen) - Ruth Crowley

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins) - Collette Riddle, Laura Echevarria

Good Riddance (Time of your life) (Green Day’s American Idiot) - George Gray, Molly Lucas, Paul Beaulieu, Fox Cornnell, Alex Beach

Seasons of Love - Ensemble

A Christmas Carol

Friday, December 3rd and 10th 2021, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, December 4th and 11th 2021, 3:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, December 5th and 12th 2021, 3:00 p.m.

A Christmas Carol is a novella by Charles Dickens about Ebenezer Scrooge, an old man, who is well-known for his miserly ways.

On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by a series of ghosts, starting with his old business partner, Jacob Marley. The three spirits which follow, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come, show Scrooge how his mean behavior has affected those around him. At the end of the story, he is relieved to discover that there is still time for him to change and we see him transformed into a generous and kind-hearted human being.

Over the River and through the Woods

March 4th & 11th 2021, 7:30pm

March 5th & 12th 2021, 3pm & 7:30pm

March 6th & 13th 2021, 3pm

Nick is a single, Italian-American guy from New Jersey. His parents retired and moved to Florida. That doesn’t mean his family isn’t still in Jersey. In fact, he sees both sets of his grandparents every Sunday for dinner. This is routine until he has to tell them that he’s been offered a dream job. The job he’s been waiting for—marketing executive—would take him away from his beloved, but annoying, grandparents. He tells them. The news doesn’t sit so well. Thus begins a series of schemes to keep Nick around. How could he betray his family’s love to move to Seattle, for a job, wonder his grandparents? Well, Frank, Aida, Nunzio and Emma do their level best, and that includes bringing to dinner the lovely—and single—Caitlin O’Hare as bait…we won’t give the ending away here.

Spring Awakening

April 1st & 8th 2021, 7:30pm

April 2nd & 9th 2021, 3pm & 7:30pm

April 3rd & 10th 2021, 3pm

The winner of eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical, told by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater through what Entertainment Weekly called, "the most gorgeous Broadway score this decade," Spring Awakening explores the journey from adolescence to adulthood with a poignancy and passion that is illuminating and unforgettable. The landmark musical is an electrifying fusion of morality, sexuality and rock and roll that is exhilarating audiences across the nation like no other musical in years.

Sing On!

June 3rd & 10th 2021, 7:30pm

June 4th & 11th 2021, 3pm & 7:30pm

June 5th and 12th 2021, 3pm

Here by popular demand is the sequel to Play on!. The gang is joined by Phyllis's song-writing nephew Monte when dire circumstances - their theatre in peril - force them to do yet another show by the dreadful Phyllis. The intrepid thespians know disaster will probably result: It may be tough to act on a sinking ship but can you sing as the waters rise!