The Stage Door Main Stage season consists of three to four full-length plays or musicals. Our shows are presented at a variety of venues throughout the Fredericksburg community- we truly are your community theatre! All are welcome and encouraged to participate in productions. We are always seeking new talent and technicians to add to our Stage Door family!

Jane Eyre

Show dates are September 6, 7, 8 & 13,14,15 Performances at 810 Caroline Street, 3rd floor

Charlotte Brontë's magnificent Gothic love story is brought to stirring life. In the burned-out ruins of Thornfield Hall, the adult Jane Eyre recalls the disturbing events of her childhood and young adulthood: her miserable upbringing as an orphan thrust upon unsympathetic relatives, her trials at the infamous Lowood School, and eventually her acceptance as governess at Thornfield Hall where she encounters its enigmatic master, Edward Rochester. Jane eventually unravels the secrets of this mysterious place and finds her own personal epiphany through honesty, courage and sacrifice. A moving story for all times and a stunning portrayal of one of the world's greatest heroines.


Kendra Long - Young Jane

Eleanor Wallace - Helen / Morton School Girl

Jorianna Bennett - Helen Understudy / School Girl (Sept. 8th performances)

Ava Sherwood - Adele / Augusta Brocklehurst / Morton School Girl

Rozy Jacob - Young Georgiana Reed / Lowood & Morton School Girl

Sela Crites - Young Eliza Reed / Lowood & Morton School Girl

Alexandra Tugman - Leah / Adult Eliza Reed / Lowood & Morton School Girl

Jaxson Benke - John Reed

School Girls - Rozy Jacob, Jorianna Bennett, Emily Renee, Karin Musa, Molly Lucas, Kendra Long, Eleanor Wallace, Ava Sherwood, Sela Crites, Alexandra Tugman

Austen Weatherby - Jane Eyre

Laura Echevarria - Mrs. Fairfax / Miss Abbot

Collette Riddle - Blanche Ingram / Bertha Mason / Miss Pierrot

Ashley Anglin - Mrs. Reed / Lady Ingram / Hannah / Miss Scatcherd

Thane Chaves - Miss Miller / Frederick Lynn / Woman at Door

Jane Johnson - Miss Temple

Emily Renee - Rosamund Oliver / Louisa Eshton / Lowood School Girl

Karin Musa - Bessie Lee / Woman on Road / Lowood School Girl

Margot Moser - Diana Rivers / Lady Lynn

Molly Lucas - Mary Rivers / Mary Ingram / Adult Georgiana Reed / Lowood Girl

Joshua Cole - Edward Rochester

Taylor Hall - St. John Rivers / Lowood Doctor / Grace Pool

Joseph Kennedy - Henry Lynn / Mr. Briggs / Servant John

Alex Beach - Richard Mason / Mr. Reeds Ghost / Lowood Cook

David Featherston - Mr. Brocklehurst / Sir George Lynn / Mr. Woods

Understudies : Koby Garcia, Jorianna Bennett, Margot Moser