Stage Door's popular Winter Workshops return! Your children can kick off 2020 by gaining new stage skills and boosting confidence for the spring and summer production season with our workshops. Sessions are $25 per child and are taught by Stage Door Board members as well as students from the University of Mary Washington Theatre Department. Classes are held on Saturdays beginning in January and running through March. If 6 or more workshops are purchased at one time, the price per workshop drops to only $18 each!


January 4

Acting With Your Senses 10am – Noon, Ages 5-9, Instructor: Collette Riddle

Learn to act using all of your five senses. Create scenes and characters through your imagination. Children will pretend to be animals, humans, and other story characters and work together to create a scene.

Improvisation 1 - 3 pm, Ages 10-15, Instructor: Collette Riddle

Participate in improvisation games and activities designed to help you think on your feet and develop characters quickly and flexibly. A variety of improv games will be played in this workshop.

January 11

Improvisational Games for Young Aspiring Actors 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9, Instructor: Ray Manfredi

Improv games are a great way to loosen up during drama practice, learn timing and control, or are simply the easiest way to build self-confidence and stage readiness. Improvisational acting teaches you to think quickly and to read other people as you perform. Young actors will sharpen their wits as they learn to react to an audience. Best of all, you don't need any special props or equipment - just your imagination and the courage to step outside yourself.

Fundamentals of Acting 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15, Instructor: Ray Manfredi

For actors at any level, an in-depth look at the fundamentals of acting for new students and a refresher for those with previous experience. Proper audition techniques, stage direction, adaptive performance controls, timing and ‘the living script’ approach. Projection and whispering deliveries as well as blocking and memorization skills will be addressed. Students will build and apply these skills to monologues, scenes, and ensemble exercises. This session will be followed by an open Q&A about actual Broadway Theatrical and Film Experiences and how to be ready for the big show. Ideal for those who have always wanted to give acting a try, those who’d like to learn more about performing, and for those who want to go the professional route in the future.

January 18

Play a Story 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9,

Using acting, movement, and imagination, we will work together to turn stories into play with characters, action, dialogue, and movement.

Creating Honest Characters 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15

Discover the technique to bring truth and honesty to your character work. Learn how to read a play to discover the clues that the playwright provides and learn when you have to use your imagination to create the life of your character.

January 25

Improvise! 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9

Discover how to think on your feet by participating in exciting improv games and valuable exercises that can be used for acting and everyday life.

Rapier & Dagger 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15

Build your stage combat skills with attacks, defense, and footwork by learning how to wield a dagger and brandish a rapier on the stage.

February 1

Moving with Imagination 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9

Inspiration to move comes from many sources—music, nature, sounds, and energy. By exploring a variety of possibilities, learn how to use improvisational movement to express your feelings.

Stage Combat 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15

Ever wonder how fights on stage look so realistic? Take this workshop on unarmed stage combat and you can learn how to do falls, punches, and rolls. Perfect for the beginner or to build on your hand-to-hand skills.

February 8

Imagination Exploration 10 am - Noon, Ages 5-9

Working together, we will share all of our ideas and build a play from start to finish. Come with your thoughts, your enthusiasm, and be ready to create, rehearse, and perform!

Improvise! 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15

Discover how to think on your feet second-by-second through improv games, acting exercises, freeform moments, and structured storytelling that can be used in the theatre and in everyday life.

February 15

Tell a Story on the Stage 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9

Use the many skills of acting—thinking, speaking, listening, movement, imagination, inspiration, and connection—to bring the printed page to life as we work together to create plays out of stories we know and love.

Stage Dialects 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15

Sometimes plays are written with characters from other places. In this session you will learn how to flavor your voice with dialect so your character sounds natural and authentic. Explore Standard British, Cockney, and Irish in this session.

February 22

Spontaneous Reaction 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9

Actors need to be able to think on their feet and react in the moment in order to deliver believable performances. Learn how to respond to other actors with honesty and energy while we create a unique theatre piece.

Stage Dialects 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15

Sometimes plays are written with characters from other places. In this session you will learn how to flavor your voice with dialect so your character sounds natural and authentic. Explore American South, New York City, and German in this session.

February 29

SNOW MAKE UP DAY 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9

SNOW MAKE UP DAY 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15

March 7

Quiet and LOUD, 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9, Instructor: Alex Beach

Have you ever had trouble hearing your little performer onstage? This workshop will teach your children to project, and is specifically designed to be fun and developmental for younger performers.

Stand out in your Scene!, 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-15, Instructor: Amy Beach

In this workshop, you will learn how to stand out from the crowd by being able to know how to prepare for cold readings and developing your ability to making your characters believable on stage.

March 14

Broadway Dance 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9

Learn some dance steps and put them together. After a while, step-by-step, you will be performing a musical theatre combination straight from a Broadway musical. No dance experience necessary!

Shakespeare 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-14

Discover the rich language of the Elizabethan stage by learning how to scan and score the text so it honors the verse in a conversational way. Once the text is ready, get on your feet and bring the words to life!

March 21

Theatre Games 10am - Noon, Ages 5-9

In order to be our best self in the acting process, we need to know the actors who share the stage with us. Using rehearsal games to build an ensemble, we will learn to trust each other and be stronger actors.

Onstage Battle 1 - 3pm, Ages 10-14

Learn how to act in a choreographed battle as you learn a sequence of moves with other actors, rehearse combinations, and add detail to create a realistic battle worthy of the Shakespearean stage.