What You Need for Your Audition:

  • Please prepare and record a 1 (one) minute monologue.

  • Attach a headshot, resume, and the name of the character you are auditioning for.

  • Send all four (4) items to

Holiday One Acts:

Happy Holidays! This year Stage Door is hosting its 1st Annual Holiday 1 Act Festival!

We are looking for ACTORS of all ages, ethnicities, and body types to cast in our Festival of 6 plays! Please prepare a 1 minute monologue, headshot & resume, and submit to

(If you do not have a monologue, please contact and she will provide a side for you to read)

**DEADLINE for submission is

11/28 11:00pm EST

Summary of Plays:

Digital Christmas (Comedy)

Santa Claus is ready to retire and has launched a new online store to help aid in the process, but when the website crashes on Christmas Eve and all the orders get mixed up, he scrambles to make things right.

Coming to Town (Comedy) 2m/1f

Walter and Arlene visit their mid thirties bachelor son Kenny during the Christmas season to deliver some upsetting news.

Ten minutes 'til Christmas (Romantic Comedy)

A spoof of every Hallmark Christmas movie. Ever. In a picturesque village we meet a man and a woman who fight insurmountable odds and conflicts of personality, class and income to fall in love and get engaged ten minutes after meeting during the Christmas season. All of the familiar tropes of made-for-TV movies are present, and the piece has a breakneck pace as elements of farce and absurdist theatre are present.

Happy Webgiving (Comedy)

A family has a web-call video meeting on Thanksgiving, but Mom has locked Dad in the basement for holiday transgressions. Their adult kids try to patch up the trouble.

A Walk in the Night (Drama)

ANGELA, a woman who lives alone in the countryside, has prepared a Christmas Eve dinner for her relatives. No one comes. This makes her feel unwanted. There is a knock on the door. A young man, desperate and unable to speak English, needs help. She gives him two bottles of water and a blanket. He then manages to persuade to go with him outdoors in the night. She is certain that no good will come of it, but she goes anyway. He leads to her to his

wife, asleep on the ground. She has just given birth. Her husband gives her water and covers her with the blanket. ANGELA immediately calls for an ambulance. And the young man shows his gratitude by calling her an angel.

Contract Claus (Courtroom Comedy)

Rudolph has issues with Santa Claus. He questions Santa’s ability to properly supervise the crew of reindeer and elves. Rudolph sues Santa for harassment, a hostile and uncomfortable work environment. Santa counter sues, but the courtroom goes viral when the Judge expresses his “opinion.”

Plays will be filmed and shown on Opening Night - December 18. 2020