The OAF is an opportunity for new playwrights to showcase their work. Each spring, six original one-act plays are selected from submissions and then performed. Prizes are awarded to top judges’ choice as well as the audience favorite. The One Act Festival can also serve as an introduction to theatre for those new to acting or directing. Festival Guidelines are now posted for the 12th annual One Act Festival, happening in the spring of 2019.
Performance Dates:
April 5 & 6 and 12 & 13 @ 7:30 pm
April 7 & 14 @ 2 pm
2019 Selected Plays:


"Slow Dating"  by Adam Szudrich
A thoughtful retiree shares her experience at speed dating - for seniors.
“The Grout Fairy” by Connie Schindewolf
Shelby is a perfectionist with dirty grout and a mother-in-law coming over. Imagine her delight when the Grout Fairy magically appears.
“Out from Under with Mary” by Chris Shaw Swanson
At an inner city methadone clinic for a drug test, suburban housewife Diane discovers that there’s more to homeless multisyllabic-speaking Mary than meets 
the eye…and ear.
“A Cake For Mr. X”  by Peter and Elizabeth Surdo
In January 1965, the Pearlman family - Jacob (grandpa), Louise (grandma), and Cathy (grand daughter) learn that Malcom X and his family have just moved in across the street. To be neighborly, Louise has prepared a cake to welcome the Xs to their East Elmhurst, Queens, New York community. Unintentionally, the cake becomes the catalyst for a family discussion (sometimes passionate) of what to do next.
“Solo” by Donna Hoke
A one act play wherein the audience never meets the heroes Aaron and Derek, but instead witness how those in a position of authority and trust will often ignore a solution to an issue in order to further a personal agenda.  This play will most definitely have you discussing an important but often ignored topic in your car on the way home.
“Prepper’s Nightmare” by Rex McGregor
An America Prepper (or “Survivalist”) encounters challenges implementing his plan to create a sanctuary from the rest of the world in New Zealand.