Churchill Clark was a founding member of Stage Door and active in the local theatre community since 1983. Because of his dedication and love for theatre, Stage Door has established a scholarship in his name.  The scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior who has shown exemplary community service through their participation with Stage Door Productions, Inc. 
Scholarship Requirements:
Any high school senior that has been involved in Stage Door Productions is eligible for the award. Any interested senior should submit a letter describing their participation with Stage Door and what that experience has meant to them.  For the full list of requirements and application form, click here or on the  "apply now" button below. 

Churchill Clark Scholarship Award Winners
2003 Winner: Jay Kole
2004 Winners: Matthew Armentrout and Rachel Sargeant
2005 Winner: Rebekah Sargeant
2006 Winner: Christopher Armentrout
2007 Winner: Alex Mills
2008 Winner: Sarah Stepahin
2010 Winner: Kaitlin Kemp
2011 Winner: Daniel Marchini
2012 Winner: Daniel Dobyns
2013 Winner: Kaitlyn Levis
2015 Winners: Kylie Westerbeck and William Goldstein
2016 Winners: Kathryn Dobyns and Kathleen West
2017 Winner: Zoe Garrick
If you would like to donate to the Churchill Clark Scholarship Award,
please mail your donation to:
Churchill Clark Scholarship Award
c/o Stage Door Productions, Inc.
P. O. Box 8451
Fredericksburg, VA 22404