Auditions for our next Main Stage production, Rabbit Hole, will be held on Tuesday, December 5, at 7 p.m. at the Stage Door office in Kitt Creative, 810 Caroline Street--3rd floor.


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. No appointment necessary. 
About Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire: 
Becca and Howie Corbett have a picture perfect family life in the suburbs of New York until a random, tragic accident takes the life of their four-year old son. Soon after, Becca’s younger, irresponsible sister, Izzy, announces that she is pregnant: there will now be a new child in the family. As Becca and Howie grow apart, Becca’s mother, Nat, badgers Becca about her grieving process, and Jason, the young driver who killed their son, continually shows up to ask forgiveness, the group is on a bumpy road to healing with no road map in sight. Rabbit Hole delves into the complexity of a family navigating deep grief, and learning what it means to live a fruitful life when things fall apart. 


Becca—Howie's wife in her late thirties. She is usually a very responsible and sensible person, but makes some rash decisions throughout the play because of grief. Howie accuses her of subconsciously trying to "erase" Danny by selling the house, packing up his artwork, and getting rid of their dog, even erasing the most recent home video of Danny.

Izzy—Becca's irresponsible but well-wishing sister. She is unwed, but in a relationship with Auggie. She is pregnant throughout the duration of the play. Tension is created as Becca's mourning for her lost child lingers, and she is suspicious of Izzy's ability to raise her own.


Howie—Becca's husband in his late thirties. He is very caring, but has a hard time dealing with Danny's death, which causes him to be angry and depressed, though he hides it as much as possible. He obsessively watches home movies of Danny and thinks that the best way to move on is to try for another child. He attends group grief counseling meetings. It is implied that he has an affair with a woman from this group. He does not want to meet with Jason, whom he blames for Danny's death.

Nat—Izzy and Becca's mother. She is the voice of reason for her daughters. She helps Howie and Becca in the moving process, and provides motherly experience to Becca. Her son (Becca's brother, Arthur), a heroin addict, hanged himself at the age of 30. Becca, however, does not want to hear this, as she feels that the deaths are not comparable. She eventually realizes that her mother has gone through this as well, and accepts the comfort.

Jason Willette—17-year-old boy who accidentally hit Danny with his car, leading to Danny's death. He lives with his mom; his father's whereabouts are never revealed, but the script suggests he's dead. He enjoys science fiction and writes a story about wormholes to other dimensions in Danny's memory, which he publishes in the school's literary magazine. He sends this story to Becca and Howie. He later shows up at the open house, wanting to talk to Howie and Becca. Howie chases him away, but he later meets with Becca. He blames himself for Danny's death.


Show dates: February 15-17
Directed by: Elizabeth Smith
Stage Manager: Jaime Ericson